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Invoice Marketing

At BizzWaves we believe that every contact is an opportunity to start or continue a conversation.  So why not use billing as to inform your customers of additional services or a specific promotion?

Document Design and 1-to-1 messages

An end-to-end invoicing philosophy begins with a carefully studied invoice design. 

Better document readability and powerful (up-to-date) marketing messages do create an effective invoice.

Do not underestimate the power and the readers of your invoice. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with a wider audience within your customer base. Since the invoice is typically a provider’s most frequently read customer communication, the design needs to incorporate an area for marketing products, services and company information.

Your invoice reflects your organisation's image and can potentially increase customer comprehension.

Selective messaging increases the marketing power of your invoice. The best use of the marketing area is using one-to one marketing messages and graphics in this space.

Be Creative, use Colours

“Accounting can also help to spread the message across. Pimp your finance department today and generate extra revenues!”

Another aspect of effective document design is to consider whether the document is color-appropriate, meaning that color is used to drive the customer’s attention to important information on the document.

For more information how to really exploit the power of Invoice Marketing don't hesitate to contact us.

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